Day 1

August 27. 11:30am
Made it! The flight travel wasn’t terrible. The 6 hour layover at LAX was the hardest part but I was fortunate to get into the Admirals Club. Quantas airlines was nice. No complaints about the legroom or food and I managed to sleep most of the flight and woke to the sunrise.

After passing through customs, we were greeted by UQ staff and our professors. We waited in the airport for the entire group to gather. There we were all abit out of it, there but not really there. From the airport we boarded a bus that took us to our next stop.

On the bus I talked to Kyler who showed me some of his photos from China.  We drove for less than an hour. I observed the differneces of the country. First and most obvious, we were driving on the right side of the road. We passed small strip malls and residences. Then we passed some shore and parked on a point on the water.

Standing with the whole group on the edge of the shore looking out over the pacific where the sun was low over the east is where it really hit me: I am in Australia!

I bought my first Australian coffee and quickly learned that they don’t have regular percolated coffee. Instead a long black is similar, a shot of expresso with water. It kept me warm as we we gathered and went over some information there while snacking on tim-tams and Australian snacks… which I’ll later learn the name of.

We then drove the bus on a ferry to take us to Moreton Bay and to the research facility that we will be staying at for the week.


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