Day 2

This has to be the best way to take a college class and learn so much. Today, we started the day early at 6 am on a birdwalk around the beach and paths. It wasn’t hard to wake up considering I went to bed at 9 pm and am still jetlagged. We identified different species of birds as we walked through a camping site. Then we came upon a dense tree area and spotted a koala way up in the tree! Not many Australians have ever even seen a wild koala, so it was really a treat to see so early in the trip!

We continued the day by driving to Brown Lake and then to the East coast of the island. There we walked the beach and collected species samples to ID and bring back to the lab.

Before dinner we had some time off so I went for a run to explore a little.  John joined with me, he kept up a fast pace and we ran around the streets and onto the beach.  There we found the Brown family watching the sunset, and joined them for a while.  We continued walking down the beach unto the trailer campground. There, we found a bar and I enjoyed my first Australian wine as we watched the sun fully set.



Everything is still so surreal that I am here.  We’re on this beautiful island for school!  This evening we will discuss our summer reading.


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