Day 4

I’m overdue a day. We’ve begun our lectures in two of our classes, Marine Biology and Sustainability Down Under. We had a few hours of classroom lectures backed with outside activities. We walked down the road to a museum with historical content of Stradbroke Island. We also spent some time walking the beach looking for species, collecting them in buckets, photographing them, and taking them back to the lab for identification. We walked down the beach and returned at lowtide to look at the mudflats. The courses have been interesting and the lectures entertaining to follow because of the Aussie Professor.  His name is Tom Cribb and he is a professor at the University of Queensland.  I’ve never had such an entertaining professor and it probably is because of his amazing accent.  The Australian accent is easy to understand but there are some new words.

Tomorrow we will go to the North side to Point Lookout and leave the island on the ferry in the afternoon. I’m excited to see the city of Brisbane and meet my homestay!  So much coming up!


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