Day 5

So last night we learned that boxed wine is he cheapest drink.  A ‘cask’ is $15 and it contains 5.5 bottles of wine.  Some people struggled with drinking a little too much of it…

Today we’re beginning a new part of our journey.

We started the day with breakfast and a marine bio lecture. We then packed up our bags and left the research station. We took the bus to North Point and walked around the shores over the Pacific Ocean.  There were nice long paths of wooden boardwalks structured over the cliff’s edge.  They weaved around the shore edge and inner canyon with overhanging trees.  In the inner forested area is where I saw the first kangaroos!  There were a group of 3 of them grazing the land and looked up at us as we came by and took photos – they reminded me of deer.  I also noticed the different types of trees.  They had stilt roots to prop up long trunks and large canopies – I’m sure we’ll learn more about these in Terrestrial Ecology.

Group Photo on Point Lookout

Group Photo on Point Lookout

We’re currently waiting for our first experience with fish n chips as lunch before heading to the beach for a few hours. Then we will say goodbye to Straddy and take the ferry back to the mainland and go to the University.  There we will meet our host family and they will take us to our homestay. Exciting and nervous! More to come about that.


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