What a change. The ferry back to the mainland was started the big transition. We drove on the bus and we got our first glimpse of Brisbane. The sun was setting and the lights were starting to turn on. We drove by the river where I admired the different styles of bridges. They each had a different design which was really nice. We then unloaded at the Univeristy of Queensland just as it began getting dark. We had a quick meeting in a classroom and the. We were, what it felt like,” auctioned off” to our host family. Laurel and her son Adrian met us and we walked down to her car. It was quite the experience talking to these strangers knowing I’m going to be living with them for 2 months. I felt like I had a ton of questions and lots of things to share about myself. We did some small talk on the drive home to Ashgrove. Once arriving, Phil and I flipped a coin for the bedrooms. Queen of England side go Queen bed. Phil won so I’m near the bathroom with 2 twin beds.
We then met Marc and A little later Hannah came home with Mark’s brother. We sat down for a nice homemade dinner of pasta and chicken alfredo with garlic bread and wine. After dinner, Laurel had to run an errand to the grocery store and Phil and I tagged along. Grocery stores are a great way to observe a new country. The store was organized in a similar layout with produce and meats on the sides and aisles of everything else. There was such a large, unfamiliar variety of everything. Adrian asked what kinds of candy I knew and I pointed out the familiar ones, which was about a quarter of all of them. I’m curious to try the different brands and types of food while here, it’s a great way to relate to a new place.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Considering I don’t know at all where I am, it will be important to figure out how to get around. I may go for a walk with a map to get a sense of the neighborhood and nearby suburban downtown. Then it’ll be important to figure out how to get to the bus and to the Uni. While I’m out and about there are a few little things including a Optus network phone that I would like to get.


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