Day 7

I should catch up and briefly summarize our first night out last night. Phil and I went with our host family outdoor bowling in the afternoon. It is a unique sport to Australia. It’s a game played on an outside field with weighted balls. It’s similar to bocci in which you have to throw your ball and get it closest to the jack ball. After playing we went to a neighbors house, a friend of our host dad, Mark. From there we took our first bus into the city. Minor first time mistakes, we missed our stop and got off and onto the returning bus to Fortitude Valley. We met up with other students there at the Empire Hotel. We then journeyed across the street to Banc Bar where we spent the night dancing.

Today we woke early to help prepare an Australian father’s day brekky cooked on the barbie. Laurel then took us on a run through commute on the to the UQ. The campus was great to see in the daylight, I’m excited to explore it between classes. We then took the CityCat which is a ferry that runs along the river. That will be a nice way to commute on nice days. We departed from Laurel and Hannah outside of King George station where we took a different bus to Wallangabba for a Lions Aussie rules football game. That was exciting to see a new sport. The lions won and we took the bus back home. Okay enough procrastinating, back to homework…


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