Day 8

It’s officially been a week since I’ve landed down under! Today was our first day of classes at the University of Queensland. Phil and I commuted in on the buses which was different because we were going into the city with all of the workers. At school, we began the day with a reference library tutorial then had an introductory lecture to terrestrial ecology. We breaked for lunch where I enjoyed the campus’s sushi with the group on their ‘quad’, called the Great Court.


Afternoon tea on the Great Court

After we all gathered after for an organised picture scavenger hunt. We broke into groups and explored campus finding and taking picture with different buildings. It’s amazing how big UQ is and how much is going on. Much different than HWS. I also realized how much I felt like a freshman, walking around campus without much sense of direction and not knowing anyone. We finished the day with a sustainability lecture focused on our assigned reading. After class a group of us went to check out the bar and pool hall on campus, the Red Room. It was nice to quickly unwind after class before catching the bus home now for dinner.


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