Cash Money

Here’s a little info about Australians economics:
1 Australian Dollar =  $1.0367

Minimum wage: 15.96 per hour (!)

Here are some of the prices that I’ve found:
Starbucks tall coffee $5.50
A drink at a cocktail lounge $18
A pitcher at the Uni bar $11
A cheap bar’s well drink deal $3
A cucumber $3
A bag of goon from the bottle shop: 2 for $20
Roll of sushi $2.50
An apple $1.50
Pack of cigarettes $20
Soft serve ice cream at McDonalds $.30

Also, one of the most anoying things is the denominations here!  There are no bills less than $5.  So when you get change you get $1 and %2 coins that aren’t just pocket change!  The pocket change goes right to the lolly shop for .15 lollypops.


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