The grind

It’s set in that I’m not in Kansas anymore. The weekday is beginning to feel like a routine of commute to UQ, classes, lunch on the great court, classes, hanging out, home for some homework and dinner and back out. Repeat. Last night Phil and I were asked to watch the host familys kids. Kind of unnecessary because they put themselves to bed while we did homework. We caught the last train into the city and out to Toowong where we met others at the Royal Exchange hotel. We had a few drinks and danced a bit before catching cab home for bed. Unfortunately we were abruptly awoken at 7:45. Our hosts must not realize that we will sleep in until it’s time to really wake up for class. The kids practice their saxophone and tuba before schools. Once they leave, the dad blasts the radio. It’s like waking up to a rock concert, which is ridiculous. I struggled through the day in a daze. After the school day, our professors organized a BBQ dinner at the South Bank. We took a bus over and enjoyed snacks, sausages, and tam tams. They had a box of each kind of tam tam! Mint, regular, dark, and carmel – yum. We walked through the South Bank park over the bridge as the sun set.

I’m currently heading on the bus to stop home before heading out to the Victory Hotel for some dancing.


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