Had a nice weekend in the city. On Friday night a student hosted our
HWSUC group. We had a difficult commute there. The bus into the city was fine but then we had an hour wait for the bus to their house in Chapel Hill. We arrive late with some chicken breast and boxed wine. We grilled and snacked on what the others made. I tried a bike of a ‘roo burger! It was cooked a bit earlier but the meat still tasted great, like a steak. A large group ended up spending the night all sprawled over different couches and beds. We caught an early bus back. Saturday, Ann, Kyler, and I explored the West End. We met at the cultural center and walked into the town to explore the shops and streets. There were some unique stores that reminded me of Ithaca because they sold similar things and smelled like insense. We stopped lunch outside at Burger Urge. We made our way back into Brisbane by walking over one bridge. We ended up on Queen Street and found an info kiosk where we picked up some brochures. We then walked down to Eagle Street Pier. It’s a pathway with nice restaurants and office buildings along the edge. We walked down to the border of the Botanical Gardens and back. We stopped for a happy hour drink at Jade Buddah. They have daily deals and it was a great location I know I’ll make it back there.
That evening we hit the valley. Enough said.
Sunday was a nice day with the host family. We woke for their traditional sunday brekky. They fire up the BBQ with eggs, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, and bacon. After, Hannah Laurel and I went shopping at the DF Outlets. Later I went for a jog around the neighborhood and played tennis at a nearby park. We retired early for our first night staying in.



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