Surfer’s Paradise

let’s go to the beach beach, let’s go get away

Living the dream here! This weekend has been great. The train arrived at a station which had a bus running to the beach. It was packed with beach goers of all types: surfer bros, groups, old people, couples, families, and us Americans. Fresh off the bus we rushed to the beach, plopped our backbacks down and rolled out the towels. The waves roll up part way to meet the soft sand. The sun is stong, not hot and the breeze keeps everything cool, but you can feel the intensity of the rays – got to keep the SPF on.

We walked the beach and saw a bit of everything. People surfing, playing ball, swimming… Usual beach things. There were a few jellyfish washed up, some clear and some blue… Wouldn’t touch those. We stayed for a while and then took a bus to our hotel, the YHA. The rooms were spacious, Ann, Kyler, Zach, John, Phil and I shared one. We walked around the area to look at boats and the different things around. We then wandered to find a place for dinner. We settled on a nice dinner at Rump and Ribs. It was the nicest dinner we’ve had and worth the cost. We played it cheap this weekend with McDs, especially 30 cent soft serve.

The nightlife in surfers was also great. Over the summer I was in the city for Damens and his friend birthday. I was at the bar and heard some guy saying “yeah I’m leaving for Australia in August” and I just turned around and said ‘me too’! So we exchanged info and it turns out Anns friends with him too. He’s living down in Surfers and taking classes there. So we met up with him at his apartment which is so sick. It’s a high rise apartment overlooking the city. Certainly a different study abroad dorm than my homestay. So we met there for some drinks but security thought it was too loud so we were all asked to leave. We started with the big group and went to an Fiddlers, Swinging Safari. The group kind of split up and some of us went a club called Shooters. It was lots of fun. We ended the night walking on the beach before splitting a cab back to the hostel. We had to check out at 10am so we got an early start out to the beach.

We’re on the train back now, sun kissed and brushed with sand. So happy that we had a great time. Now it’s off to Lamington National Park.



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