Car: Our host family has 2 cars and we’ve had a few rides in them. They drive on the left side of the road. There’s a range of vehicles. I’ve seen some wranglers, CRVs, and luxury vehicles. Generally the cars are smaller not all SUVs like in the states. Driving in the car feels scary. The left turns, especially into intersections, make me cringe.

Walking: This is how I get around the most. We walk down to the bus station for most commutes and walk around the large UQ campus. Obviously the process is the same but people walk on the left side of pathways. There’s also very limited jay walking across the road. The crosswalks make a beep when it’s time to cross and I’ve found the times to be a little shorter. On places that there is no light to cross, you better stop a few feet before the curb and look both ways, left right and left again. Numerous times a car pulls right infront of you without slowing before the cross walk. It seems that the turning car has priority over pedestrians.

Bus: I’m getting this system down better. The school commute has become a routine. For other journeys that we’re unsure about, translink provides great directions. Rates are determined by zones and transfers are free. What’s also great is after 9 trips a week, trips become free.

Ferry: There was the ferry to Stradbroke island which moved cars. There’s also the city cat ferry that runs on the Brisbane river.

Train: I’m on the train right now for the first time. It’s a free ride because I’ve had the 9 trips. The trains are nice and run through the city and along the coast. Thy also have free Wifi! We’re taking it now, September 14, to Surfer’s Paradise in the Gold Coast, about a 2 hour trip south. We’ve booked a room at the YHA hostel and plan on beaching, exploring, and dancing.


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