Lamington day 2

September 18

I am so out of my element here at Lamington National Park. I was really worried about the trip but after today I know I can be pushed pretty hard. My group, Alpha, woke at 5 am for a birdwatch hike. We sat and listened to bird calls, specifically the whitbird for 45 minutes.  

We hiked back for a large breakfast at the lodge at 8. At 10:30 we returned back to the forest. We hiked through different types of forest: wet and dry schlorophyll and open canopy and cliffs. We walked through a bit of fog and some rain. It was the first rain we saw in Australia! We enjoyed a snack of lamingtons after hearing how they got their name. I’ve had the other lamingtons which are finger-sized cakes covered in chocolate and coconut flakes. These were bigger and freshly made. We continued our hike to the cliffs edge where we sat on a rock and had our packed sandwich. The hike continued to another rock formation which had a great view of the forest park and into the distance to Surfer’s Paradise. We continued past a small waterfall as darkness crept in. We took note of the spiders in the tunnel that they spin trap doors over. By the time we were on the path out around 6 pm; it was dark. We observed glow worms in the side bank. We finished the 15k hike and went to dinner. The foods been great here. We ate at Binna Burra dining lodge. First night I tried freshwater barramundi fish. Tonight they had shrimp linguini, chicken, and curried vegetables. Breakfast options are plentiful as we need to fuel for the long day of hiking.

The close quarters – 9 girls in a bunk

Now it’s off to this cabin room for an early bed.


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