Our bus dropped us off at the UQ campus around 6pm on Friday, September 21.  We returned back to our homestay.  The mom and children are away on vacation this week so it’s just Phil, Mark, and I.  Tired from our week of hiking, Phil and I took it easy catching up with technology at home.

Saturday, September 22, I set out early in the morning to West End to check out the Farmer’s Market.  It was great!    There were vendors selling local produce, lots of oranges and apples, fish markets, jewelry vendors, small crafts, and cooked food stands.  I loved taking photographs of it, smelling all of the cooking, looking at crafts, trying samples, trying on jewelry, and trying a purple carrot!.  The people were super friendly, the vendors always said hello and others made small talk.  I found a ring that I really liked for $10 and got it.  I met up with some others from the program to sit and have lunch next to some live music band.  The market closes early, at 1, so we head into the main streets of West End where there was a block party event.  The road was closed off and there were multiple stages set up for performers and some shops set up stands outside.  I walked through taking a look at whatever caught my eye.  I then walked over the Vicotria Bridge to Queen Street to head home.  That evening we met some of our group in the city at The Stock Exchange Hotel.  We then had the spontaneous decision to walk to the valley.  It was quite the walk, especially in wedges but we made it and had a good, late night dancing.

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Today, we did lots of homework… fun fun.  But I took a break and went to Zach’s house in Kangaroo Point.  The area is so nice with waterfront apartments along the river.  We arranged plans for the upcoming weekend because we have a 4 day break from classes.  Our plan is to go to Parklife Festival on Saturday and then go to Noosa and stay in Nomads Hostel on Sunday night.  I’m really looking forward to it!  We took the ferry back as night set in.  It nice seeing all of the city lights from the water to end the weekend.

It’s weird getting into the school week mindset again.  This past week of hiking has a nice change of pace but tomorrow it’s back to the Uni for midterm week, ugh.


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