Crunch time

With two midterms this week the only free time I’ll be able to find to update is now on the bus to school.  Yay hour commute.

Yesterday, September 24, we returned back to Uni for classes. It was a long day because we had every class. In between the day we had a tea break with the UCalifornia students. It was nice to meet them and chat while enjoying cakes. It was also Ann’s birthday so I baked her a cake and brought it in. After classes we went to Jade Buddah to celebrate her 21st with happy hour glasses of wine and champagne.


Heading over to Eagle Street we experienced the first rain in the city. I guess I can deal with 3 weeks of sunshine broken with a rainy commute. Happy hour was fun and after we went next door to Grill’d, a burger place. It was the first time here I had arugala and yum I missed it and it was goooood. Afterwards, we returned home to study up.

Today we only have Sustainability Down Under where we’ll discuss recycling. Then we have the afternoon free to study… or cram for terrestrial ecology.


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