Getting Mental

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I wish that could just sum it up but I need to share the deets! So Friday night, September 28 there was a bit of running around after Line Pine.  We all had to separate out of the city to go our separate ways to get home. The commute out and back into the city is annoying but we had to do it so that I could get all of my stuff for the night and for the concert.  We met up again at Zach’s house in Kangaroo Point. We lit the barbie and made some kangaroo burgers. Admittedly, I thought it was a bad idea after petting them all afternoon and can imagine that Shelby will hate me for it, but they were really tasty! They’re lean and have a good, different spicy flavor, and they’re healthy – sorry kangaroo. We played some card games with the goon and went to bed relatively early.


Kangaroo Burger Patties

The next morning, September 29, we woke up early, so pumped for the day. We put on our rage gear – neons, tanks, and sunnies. Brekky included wine and rum and cokes at 10 am. We made it out around 12 to catch the ferry across the River to the festival. We showed our tickets and got a wristband and we were ready to go! There were 3 stages playing music all day with lights, loud bass, and lots of dancing. We picked our favorite artists to go see: saw Flume, Modestep Rizzle Kids, Chiddy Bang, Nero, Passion Pit, and Rusko. The vibe everywhere was great. At one point I got on someone’s shoulders and got a great view of the stage and crowd. Nero was by far the best show I’ve seen – it was on the main stage at 7. The entire lawn was packed with a crowd. We stood on the grass where wasn’t pushy or a mosh pit. Nero played a few songs and then there was an overhead woooooshhhh as 2 Super Hornet planes flew overhead dropping fireworks and flaring back burners up into the sky. This was the start of Riverfire, fireworks launched in the Brisbane river for the end of the Brisbane Festival. The stage was right infront of the river.  As Nero played Crush on You  the fireworks went off in the background.  It seemed like the music was in sync with the fireworks. It also started to drizzle so we were dancing in the rain under a full moon and fireworks.

Mind blown.


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