Queen’s Birthday Weekend

So I survived midterms and survived the night celebrating surviving midterms.  It was a stressful few days of studying and memorizing latin terms of phylum, ugh.  We went to campus early on Thursday, September 27 for some cramming before taking the marine biology test.  The room was filled with tension until Phil cracked a Mean Girls line, you can’t sit with us!”  That lightened the mood and we took the exam.

After, we returned home to drop our stuff off, have dinner, and change – always a quick pitstop. Our host dad experimented with his cooking and made some egg and chicken concoction which you had to scrape out of a baking dish.  It was pretty strange but didn’t taste terrible.  After, we took a cab to Bardon to meet others before heading into the city for a night of dancing at the Victory Hotel. The Vic is a great spot. They have a downstairs beargarden, sometimes live music, lots of students and young people and therefore cheap drinks, and dj mixing dancing upstairs.

This afternoon, September 28 we went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It was awesome! We got to pet a koala and roam around a field of kangaroos! Koalas have to be one of the cutest animals. Their ‘cages’ were not enclosed, they’re so mellow in their trees I don’t see. We saw a presentation where they told facts and walked one around for us to pet and take a picture with. They weren’t as soft as I thought they would be but they are fluffy and so adorable! There were other animals too: owls, dingos, kookaburras, wombat, Tasmanian devil, platypus, crocodile. There was also an open field with kangaroos that you could go in, pet them, feed them, and take pictures. I was surprised with how comfortable they were with people around. I questioned whether they were drugged or something. But it was so cool to pet them and watch them roam around. Some even had little joeys in their pouch.  We walked through he field watching, petting, and feeding all lots of them.  We finished our walk around the zoo.  A very cool way to spend the day in OZ.

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I’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend as well. Monday, October 1, is the Queen’s birthday which is a national holiday here. We have the day off of classes so most of our group went somewhere. I have a ticket to the Parklife music festival in Brisbane tomorrow. Sunday night a few of us are going to Noosa and staying in a hostel that has free surfboard and kayak rentals. Woohoo, it’ll be a great weekend!


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