The Wanderers

So Noosa was a bit of a fail, not in a terrible way, but it didn’t go as planned. After stopping home for a quick hour, I met the others to catchthe train up to the Sunshine Coast. It was a 3 hour train ride followed by an hour bus into Noosa. When our bus stopped, it started to drizzle so we quickly made our way to the hostel to check in. On the walk we ran into Melissa who was meeting us for the night.

The Nomad’s Hostel was a bit different than we expected. We shared the room with two others and it wasn’t on the beach. It did have perks though – happy hour from 5-6 and 8-9 and a free BBQ. Tired from traveling, we laid down for a quick cat nap and then went to the bar for the first happy hour. A new perk was introduced by the bartender. There was a rugby league game on and from the time of kickoff until the first point scored he was giving out free beer! We put those down and John met us just as the first point was scored. We then went to the BBQ and wanted to explore the town for other options.  We found a place down the street and sat down for a bite before returning back to the hostel for the night of some dancing.  The night was probably one of the worst nights of sleep I’ve had here.  Can’t complain too much but it wasn’t great.  We woke up and checked out of the hostel by 10 am.  Of course the weather didn’t cooperate with our beach plans but we still had to check out the water.  We walked to the beach at Noosa Head in the pouring rain, with towels over our head.  There were a few shops along the way that we popped in and explored.  We wandered the streets until the bus came.

The train home was fun, we met some of the California students on it.  I’m excited for a night catching up with Phil, stalking facebook, and a good sleep in my bed before class tomorrow and then heading off to Heron Island!


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