When Cameron and Phil take on Brisbane…

Today we had late class starting at 3pm.  We took our time in the morning before catching the bus into the city.  We did a few errands and decided we wanted to try riding bikes to school.  We had purchased a day pass for the CityCycle bikes and decided to rent one.  As if we were going to ride all of the way to school, we barely made it down Queen Street.  We quickly decided that it would be better to just take the ferry and ride around on a day when we could explore.

We had a guest lecture for Marine Biology.  We learned about coral.  We saw some great images of it which made me really excited to see underwater first hand.  Lucky me, I will!  Tonight we’re leaving for our next field trip to Heron Island.  We take a midnight bus so that we can sleep during the 10 hour drive.  I’ve got my camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bathing suit, clothes all packed into my duffel.  I’m ready to go!


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