Sustainability Down Under

One of the courses that we are taking here is Sustainability Down Under lead by our HWS Professors.  I found it really interesting to discuss these issues as well as observe them.  Here are some of the observations that I have made without much research.
Water is a scarce resource here due to periods of drought.  There are conservation methods that are incorporated into the Aussie lifestyle.
Showers are limited to under 5 minutes.  In Lamington National Park we were required to take 3 minute showers.
Many homes have water collection tanks to store rainwater.
All of the outlets have switches on them
Australia has lots of direct sunlight throughout the year.  There are solar panels installed in lots of buildings that generate electricity from the sun.
My host family is getting them installed while we are here.
This seems to be less practiced here.  There are fewer recycling bins next to garbage cans.  UQ campus and Queen Street have both but other places we went to only have garbage cans.  Even within our home stay, there is one recycling bin outside.  It is collected on the curb once a fortnight while garbage is collected weekly.

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