Flying away from Heron Island

So unfortunately it’s time to leave this paradise and go back to Brizzie. I guess it shouldn’t be that unfortunate that its back to Brisbane, because I’m loving my time there, but its still not living on an island paradise on the Great Barrier Reef.

Last night, October 7, we celebrated our final night here and were invited to the resort on the other side of the island. During sunset, I walked along the beach and had some time alone to reflect. I always try to remember how fortunate I am for the things in my life. I’m truly so lucky to be able to be here, studying, in an amazing place with opportunities. Every experience has made me develop in the right direction. During this time I was able to look back, both literally on the long stretch of beach, but also in my life and realize how far I’ve come. The part ahead, this metaphoric sunset, is also something to really look forward to – while I’ll be finishing the college chapter of my life soon, there is so much in life to look forward to, which will be as beautiful as the colors in the sky produced from the suns setting below the horizon.  I enjoyed this deep thinking and those thoughts all came together as I met my friends on the shore by the pier to watch the sun dip below the Pacific Ocean.

At night at the resort we had some wine, listened to the live band, and played pool. We walked along the beach and star gazed before bed. We had to enjoy the last moments of paradise.

This morning, October 8, we woke early to pull together our research presentation in a powerpoint. We all presented our findings and the winning group won tee-shirts from the professors. My group didn’t win the best presentation but we did a good job presenting our findings. We had a final lecture of sustainability through a visit the Island’s desalinization plant. We then packed up our bags and headed to the dock and the ferry. I was nervous about being seasick on the ride so Lauren gave me a dose of anti-sickness chews. Thankfully, I didn’t really even need them because the wind was much calmer making the ride smooth. We were also allowed to sit on the top deck which was nice to sit in the sun and have the breeze of the ride. It was really sad pulling away from the dock and watching Heron Island get further into the horizon then disappearing.


Heron Island disappearing into the wake of the ferry.

To lighten the mood, I screamed “Goodbye Maggie!” as we pulled away, because we all know she was my best friend on the Island – so everyone laughed.  We began our 2 hour journey across the water.  We went down below the top deck for a drink and snack which was like a flashback to hell – the music, the seats, the smell all reminded me of the ride over and the associated seasickness. I’m very glad the return ride went better. Now we’re onto the 8 hour bus ride back to Brisbane. I’m sitting next to Owen so that’ll provide some entertainment, along with reading, looking at photos, and napping.


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