Back to the grind

It’s always a bit of a culture shock when we come back from a field trip. Out habit of commuting into the city becomes a little disrupted. I really appreciate the changes though. I like the city of Brisbane. While it is nothing like New York City, there’s something about a city that I really like. The bustle of people, the smells, the sounds of cars and busses, the shops all keep the city entertaining. There’s much more to be said about the places we’ve gone on field trips. Hiking through the woods of Lamington provided a new perspective to some of the bush life, while Heron Island and Stradebroke Island were both remote islands of beautiful beaches and marine life. There are many cities but there’s only a few pristine beaches of the Great Barrier Reef.

Yesterday, October 9, Phil and I went to the local library in Ashgrove to work on our homework. It was a small library with lots of magazines and good Internet. That morning, I also finally had some time to catch up with family and friends on Skype. It was nice to feel that connection to home and also share my stories. I also started planning some of the details for the rest of my time down under. I’m thinking of staying in Brisbane this weekend and goig Byron Bay next weekend. For the 10-day break I am looking to go to Melbourne and then maybe Sydney for a few days before going to New Zealand for the rest of our program. I’ve applied for a work visa in New Zealand so that I can stay though Christmas and meet my Dad in Fiji. I hope that all works out!

The field trip was a very nice change of pace. Now, I’m off to a day of classes at UQ. After I’m going to work on my research for Sustainibilty Down Under by giving surveys at the Jan Power’s Farmers Market on Queen Street.


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