I’ve been cranking away an this Sustainability Down Under paper. This commute home is my only break, where I’m updating the blog with a note on my phone. For the paper, I am researching Australian consumer’s perceptions of genetically modified foods. It’s interesting to me because I did similar research back for an anthropology course which focused on consumer perceptions in Geneva and Greenwich and compared the two economic demographics. Here, I’ve collected some good data of local opinions through surveys on campus and at the farmers market and reading lots interesting studies and published articles.

With this much work, there is much else to report. Yesterday, October 10, we had a long day of classes. We had afternoon tea and terrestrial ecology class with the California students. They’re a nice group – it’s fun that we have some stuff in common and are able to share experiences. After class I went to Jan Power’s Market on Queen Street with Kyler. We walked around and tried lots of the samples. Then I distributed my research survey. It was hard to find people who didn’t look busy but I got a few participants. On the way home, Phil and I walked by our neighbor’s house who invited us over while they grilled on the barbie. We talked about the the States, music, baseball, the valley, lots if topics. They were cool guys our age with a local Aussie style.

I’m so ready for the weekend. Tomorrow, Curtis is hosting Fiesta a la Casa, aka going to Curtis, Greg, and Kyle’s homestay in Chapel Hill to chill, swim in the pool, grill ‘roo, and pound goon. Well, except it’s Mexican themed so instead tequila. The weekend break away from work is much needed. Saturday we’re planning on going to Oktoberfest in Brisbane. Apparently it’s a top rated one in the world. ¬†It should be fun to be Americans in Australia at a German event.


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