Saturday thoughts

Here’s a little mid-weekend update.   I’m always having great weekends – it’s so much fun to travel or explore new places.  Yesterday, October 12, after class a few of us went to Indorpilly to get some groceries and supplies for Fiesta a la Casa, a mexican themed party at Lozz’s house.  We got meat, veggies, chips, tam tams, and jello.  We then all took the bus to the deep outskirts of Chapel Hill where he lives.  We prepared for the night and had a good time doing so.  It  was chilly out so not many people went swimming but we mostly hung out outside.  The night went well and ended with a game of “cheers governor!”.   Most of us crashed in the same way, sprawled out all over the house and waking up (too) early.

A few of us then took the bus into the West End for the farmer’s market.  The farmers market  is a great spot.  There’s lots of locals, free samples, good smells, fun crafts, music.  I tried a custard apple, which looks and tastes nothing like a regular apple.  It has a tougher skin that you cut through to get to the sweet soft fruit.  I also tried Buchi Kombucha, which is a fermented ginger tea.  There was lots of jewelry that I admired.  There was also a hair threading station in the middle of the market which we joked about getting.

Ever since giving the surveys out, I’ve been more comfortable and tried to be more openly talking to people here.  I had some conversations with vendors and people at the shops.  We ran into Tom Cribb on the streets in which was funny.  We met one guy who was selling popcorn who dated a HWSUC student from last years program.    We walked through the whole market and backtracked to the beginning, again stopping a lot to enjoy the different stalls.

After the market, Kyler and I walked to the CityCat ferry.  The walk was longer than we thought but took us on a nice route along the river.  While talking about sailing, we coincidentally ran into the South Brisbane Sailing Center.  We stopped in to check out the boats and get some inforation.  We were thrilled to learn that they sail and race every Saturday and that they have some club boats that we can join in on for $20!  I really want to find the time to do that.

We then went to Brisbane’s Oktoberfest.  It was such a mixed culture: Australians, maybe some Germans, but mostly australians dressed as Germans, and us Americans.  The people dressed up did it well.  Guys in high socks, suspenders, and hats and girls in dresses with bosomy tops.  Tickets into the event were reasonable but beer was $10.  It would break the bank to get drunk there but some Australians were managing to do it.  They would occasionally stand on the picnic tables and chug, sometimes spilling half of their beer down their face.  We walked around and looked at the different German food and had a big pretzel.  By big, I mean 3 times bigger than NYC street pretzels. The bier, beer, was good too but again, too much cash money.

I like doing the nomadic thing on the weekend and coming home to my homestay to relax.  Only the mom and son are home tonight so we ordered take-out Indian food.

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Tomorrow, October 14, I’ll have Sunday brekkie with the host family.  Later, I plan on going to a different market in South Bank. We have Sustainability Down Under assignment for monday.  We are having a “Sustainable BBQ” for dinner and we are supposed to bring a side dish.  This dish is supposed to be relevant and have a sustainable growing or cooking process.  I’m still kind of brainstorming.


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