Sustainable BBQ

Tonight for dinner, October 15, our Professors hosted a second BBQ in South Bank. This one had an assignment to fit into a Sustainable theme. The assignment was to bring a  sustainable side dish to feed 10 people.  Phil and I brought the drink and made lemonade.  I used a kg of lemons from the local greengrocer in Ashgrove.  We juiced them at in our homestay’s kitchen and  reused a big soda bottle from their recycling bin to fill with the juice.  On the way, we picked up sugar packets from a coffee shop to sweeten the juice – hey, they are free and therefore economically sustainable.  The Professors brought kangaroo burger patties to grill on the outdoor bbw.  Others brought salads with veggies from the farmers market, dips with veggies from their home garden, bruscetta, pumpkin, and avocado fries.  We sampled them all, filling our reusable plates and using our brought utensils.  Then we had dessert, get ready for this: chocolate covered crickets.  Kyler and Zach bought these crickets from the pet store and dipped them in fair trade chocolate – creative and sustainable.  I wasn’t at all appetized by the idea but once I got my head around the thought of crickets, I decided to try one.  They just tasted like chocolate with a little crunch.  Thankfully, after trying them, we passed around leftover chocolate to better fix our sweet tooth.


Sustainable chocolate covered cricket dessert

Tomorrow, we have classes at UQ.  After I want to figure out some plans for the weekend and for the 10 day break.


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