Off to Carnarvon

Tomorrow, October 22, we’re going on our second Terrestrial Ecology field trip to Carnarvon Gorge.  The area is about 600km west of Brisbane, which means we’re in for a long drive.

Today, October 22, I went into the city to get a few things for the trip.  I hung out a little on Queen Street and watched the street music.  It was hot out today, the seasons are changing here in the opposite way as they are at home – from spring to summer.  I’m missing the crunch of fallen leaves, apple picking, seeing pumpinks on doorsteps, crisp air of upstate New York.  This year, I’m skipping fall and living in this upcoming weather:

Hot, hot, hot

I’m loving the constant sun and warm dry weather, but I’ll miss the fall season with Halloween and early signs of winter like leaves changing colors and falling and crunching in them, fall fashion like boots and jackets, fall tastes of cinnamon and apple.

Instead, it’s off to the outback for a week of hiking and studying desert ecology.


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