Last weekend in Brizzie

It literally feels like just yesterday I was on the bus off of Stradebroke Island, driving through the city night, admiring the bridges and lights. But time has flown by and this was my last weekend in Brisbane.
Saturday, October 27 I spent the morning studying for finals. I then John, Dylan, and Curtis downtown in Fortitude Valley for a free outdoor music concert, Valley Fiesta.  (Check out the new highlight video)  We saw Flume and Arrested Development Play on the mainstage and walked around to other parts of the Valley.  It was a great outdoor scene without even going into the nightclubs. It rarely rains here but it always seems to rain for concerts here.  The rain changes the energy of the music and it becomes a big rain dance party – it was a lot of fun.

Arrested Development at Valley Fiesta

Then this morning, I woke up early to check out the permaculture farm for my SDU group presentation.   I had such a meaningful day already, and its only noon.  I took photos and observations of the farm – it was a nice community garden where you can volunteer to help plant or pick.  There were signs explaining the farm and sustainability efforts.  It really appeared that the locals were involved with this.  Lots of people were there, there were children running around playing and people having breakfast in the outdoor settings.  There was a cafe in the middle that supported the local food and was oriented to the community by having people use communal cutlery.  Right past the farm was a organic market.  I browsed through all of the stalls.  I came across a stationary bike right infront of a stall.  There was a young girl pedaling and looking closer, there was a blender attached.  Such a great idea!  I had to have one, yummy banana sustainable smoothie.

Peddling up my smoothie

One stall really stood out because it had free books and quotes on a few tables.  There was also a sign offering free consultations.  There was a guy there who was chatting with everyone that walked by.  We spoke for a while – talked about life paths and travel.  He suggested that I get a “beautiful” notebook and write whatever comes to mind.  I quickly took that advice.  As, I walked home from the area, I came across a gallery opening in Ashgrove of Kylie Johnson’s work. At the market I saw one of her quote tags and was wondering who it was.  There were ornaments, cards, and books of quotes and sayings.  There I spent my last $10 on the notebook.


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