Dedicated to Brisbane

I’m not ready to go! I’ve really enjoyed this city and I’ve understand its structure and gotten into a great routine. It took a lot of learning. I’ve figured out that the streets run by Queen and King names (Elizabeth and Ann and then Edward and Henry…) I know I have to leave home an hour before class starts. I know what my host family likes and doesn’t like. I know where to get $3 drinks on Wednesday. I’ve done poorly on exams.  I have random phone numbers.  I know to negotiate with cab drivers. I know my neighbors down the street in Ashgrove. I’ve learned to accept John Hall, our Terrestrial Ecology Professor’s quirks.  I know the cheapest (and most real) coffee is at the 7-11. I know the guy that works at the bus stop coffee shop. I know the hours of Woolworths. I’ve mastered t9 texting. I can find the 20 buildings that we have class between.  I’ve had the most popular songs stuck in my head.  I’ve started recognizing bus drivers.

And i’ve made a huge list of Aussie-isms which have all come from my experiences.

So this is bittersweet. I have quite a bit more of traveling to look forward to but I’m leaving behind Brisbane – but taking with me amazing memories and experiences. Thank you Brizzie.

School has been working us hard. Monday, we had a test in Marine Biology. Today, October 30, we had a day of group presentations for Sustainibility Down Under. Tomorrow, we have our Terrestrial Ecology exam and literature review due and Marine Biology Report due. So much! But after, there are Halloween celebrations planned. We have organized a Haunted Tour of Brisbane that will be a great way to walk the city one last time and then party at the RE.

Then Thursday is our goodbye dinner at the Uni. Then it’s break time, we have 10 free days before reconvening in New Zealand for Sustainability Down Under course. I’m traveling to Sydney and Melbourne.

The adventures will continue!


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