Travellers blog 1

I am so experiencing travelling now at it’s fullest. Part of that means being resourceful – such as using the computers at the Apple store.

Had a very nice day in Sydney. We took the ferry from the Central Quay across to Manly Beach where we met my dad’s friend Richard and his wife Paulette. We walked along the beach walkway with nonstop talk. The beach was full of surfers in the water on the little waves. We stopped for a beautiful lunch at The Pantry. So nice to have a little fine dining – I enjoyed a salmon with potatoes and we split a bottle of Chardonnay. We walked around and took a drive up to the North and South Heads that overlooked the harbor. There were tons of boats sailing along some racing and some cruising with beautiful spinnakers and different sails. From the vantage spots you can see the start of the Hobart-Sydney race which is on Boxing Day. We then returned the car back to their house which was in a nice neighbourhood (whoa Aussie spellcheck) with a little view of the water from the master bedroom. We had a coffee – not percolated, a shot of expresso which got my heart beating. We walked down through some bush along the water back to the Manly terminal where we separated. It was really nice to see a person connected with home. I was young when we had last seen eachother so I had a great experience catching up as adults.

Time to go be resourceful and catch the free hostel dinner.


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