Another adventurous day. I had to share my adventure. Also, while traveling I’ve had the opportunity to dine out a lot more and I want to take the opportunity to review the places I’ve been.

This morning we met Nate and walked down to The Rocks. They had a market running with booths set up in the street selling clothing, jewelry, and other odd goods. Ann bought the oddest – fake kangaroo balls on a bottle opener. There was a stall with glassblowing, puzzles, banana bread, and chocolate. It was a nice market to browse on a Sunday morning.

Ann and I had lunch at a small cafe in the Rocks area. Not exactly good reviews. I had a spinach lentil soup and it was served cold, taken back and took an extra ten minutes to be overheated. The tables were outside but they were too close together and you couldn’t back your chair up without hitting the one behind you. After lunch, we took a walk over the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It was spectacular with the clear views of the city and the Sydney Opera House. It took about 20 minutes to walk across, taking photos along the way. On the other side, we walked down to the waters edge where there was an amusement park, Luna Park. It honestly seemed creepy with a large clown entrance, small rides, and open area. We retuned back to the city on the ferry.

We then took the free city circle bus uptown to the Paddy Markets. There were cheap good stalls set up in a warehouse selling Australian souvenirs, clothes, jewelry an produce – all at cheap prices. It didn’t take long to understand all that they had to offer and we continued our walk to Darling Harbor.

This evening, Ann and I met Lauren and Matt for their final night in Sydney. We ate at a restaurant called Sushi Rio. We sat on stools infront of a revolving sushi train. We picked from sides, sushi, and nigiri all reasonably priced at $3.  I had agedashi tofu – I wanted to tey something new, it was but turned out to be a fried tofu in a little broth. I also had a grilled salmon nigiri piece and edamame. All very tasty and washed back with a hot green tea. We walked around before splitting our separate directions.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to going a little out of the city to the popular Bondi Beach. I’m currently at the Maccas (McDonald’s) to use their free wifi to get directions. As far as restaurant reviews go – I wouldn’t recommend it here at 10pm on a Sunday….


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