Checked into Sydney

Wow I wouldn’t have thought there could have been any more run around. Wrong. A change of planes this morning led me into a near crisis. My host family had made it clear last week that I could stay at their house on the 10th when I fly into Brisbane for the group fought to New Zealand. I had been so busy this week that we hadn’t communicated at all and it only came up this morning that they had 2 other students coming and couldn’t accommodate me. Ugh. So that left me frantically packing up everything and getting to the airport in a cab with a friend. Upon arriving to the airport I had no idea what to do with my package and New Zealand luggage. I really struggled before hiring a cab to take me to the international airport, post office, and back to the domestic airport. Thankfully I wasn’t pressed for time and easily met Ann and took the flight.

Virgin was a nice airline. We flew in a smaller plane that boarded from the ground. The flight was only an hour so before I knew it I was in Sydney! We waited at tge aurport for the free shuttle to our hostel. we checked into Maze backpackers and then took a walk. I’ve already noticed a few differences between Sydney and Brisbane. Its definately mire crowded here with a population of 4 million and the people look a little different – more business attire and better looking. This is purely observational but there also seems ti be more homeless people. The bus here runs on a different system, I don’t know if they use go cards. There’s also a very similar feel, it is still Australia after all. There are the same chain stores and main shopping mall.

Tomorrow I’m meeting my Dad’s old work friend for a tour of the city! It’ll be nice to see someone I know (well met when I was 5) and get aquatinted and a sense of direction in this cool city!


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