Run around

Finished my Aussie courses! I was shocked to learn the grading scale which came forward in our Australian Cultures class. Pretty much everyone got a 50% on the journal and exam. HWS is curving that grade so we don’t all fail.

Halloween barely felt like a holiday here. Having a test on the day really distracted me from the spirit. After the exam, Lauren and I walked through the Wednesday market on queen street to get a snack – some kettle corn which they’ve always let me sample so I had to get a cup this time. We stopped at bottle shop an headed through ashgrove. this is where i noticed some of the Halloween festivities. The houses added decorations over the day – which is different from from the US where houses decorate all October.  That evening, homes put a balloon on their front gate or door – which i think was to signal that they had candy for trick or treaters.  There were a few kids walking the street trick-or-treating but there were no large groups.

Home was one of those pit stops yesterday – I was home for just enough time (barely) to turn in my literature review to (despise), finish the Stanley (which has overstayed his welcome in our fridge), and change into a skirt. We ran to the bus stop so that we could meet our group at the info center on queens street mall for a haunted tour of Brisbane. It was cool walking the city with our group and hearing stories but I didn’t find an frightening – how is Brisbane haunted?

Today I had to rush around too. I took my suitcase to Queen Street to get the zipper repaired. I had some free time while it was being repaired so I took the bus to Paddington to explore. It was a similar neighborhood with a nice street of shops. There were mostly antique stores, vintage shops, health food stores, and cafes. I enjoyed browsing and seeing the area.  Later, I went to Bardon to say goodbye to a best friend on this program – he will be really missed.

Now off to the Farewell dinner at UQ to say goodbye to the campus, Professors, and wonderful people who made this abroad experience happen in the International Office.


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