Bondi Beach

Had a great time spending my day at Australia’s most popular beach, Bondi beach. I’ve been reading a lot of travel guides and info and wanted to share my day as if it were a recommendation.

Bondi Beach is located only a bus ride away from Sydney. Purchase your round trip ticket from any 7-11 and hop on the 333 bus. It will take you right through Bondi Junction, a shopping plaza, and onwards to the beach. Get off of the bus and you’ll see the water and you should head right towards that sand! Find yourself a nice open spot to lay your towel down, put on your sunnies, and sunscreen and relax while watching surfers in the water. Enjoy this time napping or reading or simply people watching. When you’re ready for lunch, pack up your stuff and head to the streets. On the Main Street Campbells you’ll find a little ally with a place comfortably tucked in. Misschu was a great find! It has a Vietnamese menu influenced with Aussie bush tucker style and by that I mean you self order and serve your own water from billycups. The restaurant reused bowls as light shades and displayed empty beers to give this vibe. The menu had traditional Vietnamese noodles and meats served in rolls, dumplings, or bowls. I recommend the egg rice paper roll or chicken dumplings to share with a friend. After lunch, explore the streets. Hall and Gould Street have a few shops for you to browse or pick up a souvenir, like a Bondi Beach jumper from Between the Flags. If you are into the arts, be sure to check out Aquabumps Gallery. This collections as taken by a photographer who captures the beach at Bondi in the early morning hours. He shot from different views: underwater, through waves, and aerial to produce clear, quality images with astounding colors.

Take a walk around the beach. There is a nice stretch of paths that runs all down the beach. At one end is a busy lap swimming pool with a great lookout back to the beach. The path continues with sculptures along the edge. Use the beautiful scenery to take photos.

Enjoy afternoon tea with an ice cream cone. Chose from many different gelato, frozen yogurts, convenient stores or McDonald’s 30 cent cone. Once feeling sunkissed, catch the same 333 bus back into Sydney. (Then blog about your day)



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