Flight 3

Time to say goodbye to Melbourne and finish the 10 day break.  I’m on my way to Brisbane before flying to New Zealand tomorrow.

I had a great time in Melbourne. It was a great city – easy layout, transportation nice young people, tons of culture and vibes.

Yesterday, November 9, I began the day having an awkward experience at the tram stop. People are friendly – sometimes too friendly, enough so that they need to buy your breakfast sandwich in exchange for a coffee conversation. Nothing dangerous, just part of the experience. I spent the day exploring and wandering. Melbourne has lots of great alley ways and lanes to explore. They all have a great feel – good smells from the food, people gathering, chic shops, expresso, and galleries. I found a great photo gallery in a loft that had a collection “I love Melbourne“.  This was how i felt.

In the afternoon, I explored the northern part of the inner city. The Victoria Markets were just starting to close. They had an outdoor produce section, roofed bakeries and delis, small imported goods vendors and shops surrounding the perimeter on the street.

The weather changes fast in Melbourne. One minute the sun is shining through your layers, the next you’re putting on more layers as the breeze comes through, or dashing under cover as a rain pours down. None of the effects last long so it’s constantly changing.

In the evening I met a new friend, Taco, by my hostel. He recently moved to Melbourne and is working as a tour guide, stand up comedian, and bartender. He had a bit of insider knowledge to show me around and we walked through new streets. We stopped at the HiFi store to explore some music before heading to a middle eastern restaurant for hookah and falafel.

I really enjoyed exploring the city from both a tourist point of view – where you go around and take pictures of every famous spot. I even more so enjoyed exploring the city culture by meeting people, exploring shops and galleries, and dining out. It was a great experience and I’ll take the memories and experiences of Melbourne with me as I continue to travel and depart on my third flight.


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