Shiver Shake

A guidebook I was reading explained this phenomenon. Is something special that happens to all travelers. You can believe what you’re seeing, what you’re doing, and where you are. It starts with a shiver in the lower back and then runs up your spine and your breathing changes. That’s what traveling is all about.

I certainly felt that yesterday, November 7. I took the shuttle from the airport and walked from the stop to the hostel. It was a bit further than I expected and hard with my two backpacks but I managed and checked into a hostel, the Elephants Backpackers. I only put my bags down, locked my valuables, washed my face and changed outfits. I went across the street to Federation Square to gather information from the kiosk.  They were also giving out free manicures… It’s been too long since I’ve had one so of course I got one!

Model Status


I stepped out to find a spot to browse through the brochures and saw a gathering of people watching a screen. It was Obama giving his acceptance speech! The shivers ran through my body as I felt the connection to home.

Obama giving his acceptance speech on a screen in Federation Square, Melbourne

I spent the rest of the afternoon orientating myself with the city – I walked up and down streets stopping at whatever caught my attention.  One of the things that caught my attention was was an ad for a bar with stand up comedy. I checked it out and had a few good laughs. After, I bought some groceries before returning to the hostel for a really late dinner followed by goon and card games with others in the hostel.


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