Wellington Day 2

Today, November 13, we woke early for breakfast and to get ready for the day.  We met in the lobby at 9 to head over to the harbor for the ferry across to Matiu Island.  After disembarking, we were taken into a room for a bio-contamination search – we searched our bags and hiking boots for anything that may be invasive such as seeds, trees, dirt, or animals… We were all clean and free from any Aussie contaminants.  We then broke into 2 groups – mine began the day by volunteering clearing a path.  We used gravels, shovels, and hos to widen the path on each side.  We also used clippers and saws to trim the bushes.  It wasn’t difficult and it felt good to get our hands dirty making a difference.

In the afternoon, we were free to walk around the island.  We explored pretty much all there was to see.  We hiked by the lighthouse, old gun bunkers, sheep pens, and animal quarantine station.  The animal quarantine station was creepy – it was no longer in use and put on display.  It had old photos, exhibits on tools and the original feel of the place in use.

We took the ferry back to Wellington and had the afternoon we were given free time.  Tired from a long day, a group of us explored the city and stopped for an espresso.  We walked around a little more before returning back to the hostel to relax and have curry dinner.  After, Lauren Zach and I, went out to get a night feel of the city but have returned back fairly early in preparation for the week field trip.
On a separate note –  I’m excited because I think I’ve solidified some plans in my head for after the break.  I have a WWOOFing connection near Wellington that I will return to after Auckland for a few days.  I’m thinking my sister could then meet me in Wellington and we could cross over to the South Island on Ferry.  From there, we could rent a car and drive down to Queenstown in 2 days.  More to come on that!

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