Moving On

Whoa, I’m officially a second semester senior at HWS.  My Fall term finished today.  We took our final in the YMCA hostel that we were staying in.  Half of the group took it on the floor of the gym and the other half in the staff room.  We had 3 hours to write about our observations of sustainability in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.  I justified why it was worth the expense to travel across the world to have this experience – and it was soo worth it.  It’s been the time of my life experiencing so much in Australia and New Zealand with HWSUC.  Our group has become one – I feel that I have gotten to know everyone personally.  There are ups and downs within the group but we’ve managed to function all of the way through.

We’re having a final dinner in a few hours at a Mexican place to “give thanks” for all of the experiences we’ve had.  I know it will be bittersweet to leave this abroad experience behind but take forward all of the amazing memories.

I’m sad to see the group off tomorrow.  I’m staying in Auckland for 5 days before flying to Fiji for a week.  So the travel adventures aren’t over yet and I’ll have more experiences to update you on.


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