It’s a small world


I have a few updates that I will write tomorrow but I have to share what just happened!  I’ll begin with the beginning of my night.  I had loved the stand up comedy in Melbourne so much that I thought it would be cool to check out a show here.  The Classic Comedy Club and Bar was hosting a raw comedy night with discount student rates so I thought I’d check it out.  I sat with a few cool people and after the show I went to get wifi and met someone who was at the show.  She was doing a similar thing that I am, after studying abroad she’s traveling.  We decided to head next door from our hostel to the Globe Bar.  We were just hanging out watching some of the weird events going on there.  Then I got the feeling that I often get – you see someone who looks like or acts like someone you know and it reminds you of them.  Only this time… it was someone I knew!! It was someone who I’ve grown up swimming with and working with.  She was there studying on a mini term with UNION COLLEGE.  I met all of her friends who all had connections to my program.  We spent the night exchanging names and stories, gettting drinks, and dancing. Unfortunately, they are all heading out tomorrow on their program but it was so great to feel that close connection after being away for so long!


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