I’ve had two days filled with fun activities, time to relax, and nice accommodation.

On December 3 I was picked up Bamboo Hostel by FeeJee Experience to tour the main island. I was greeted by a guide, Cameron (he stole my name and made it a guys name), a driver William, and a group on the bus. Everyone was from different places – London, Wales, Denmark, Sweden, and Gebrolta. I am the only American and I quickly learned that I was the only girl and the youngest. We began the day by going into the town of Nadi (pronounced Nandi). We walked around the markets and streets and bought some supplies: bug spray, waters, a serong, and lunch stuff. We then hopped on the blue frog bus and went to the beach to relax and have a picnic. After we packed up, we drove further east to a large sand dune. The sand was really hot but we climbed up. The view from the top was amazing overlooking the green land and sea. To get down the hill, we layed down on buggie boards and sled down. I did it twice, the second time tandem style with Cam. It was lots of fun and made me excited for some snow sledding when I’m home. We then continued to our stay via a shower stop in the ocean. The first night we stayed at Mango Bay Resort. We had a quick kava and watched the sun set even though it was cloudy.

The next morning, December 4, we woke early to have breakfast and check out. Then it was onto activities and on the plan – a rainforest trek. We drove up in our bus and swished vehicles to a 4-wheeler that could go through mud and brush. We were dropped off and began the hike. It was a short hike through the rainforest with steams to cross, muddy pits, and log bridges. We arrived at a series of waterfalls and went to the top most one where we swung off of a rope swing. We hung out there for a while and made headpieces out of ferns and painted with muddy clay. John, now Tarzan, went a little overboard and really got into the jungle feel. I myself felt like Jane amongst the Fijian Jungle. We continued our hike out through the rain and finished with a boat ride down the river. After such an eventful morning, we went right to our next accommodation, Uprising Resort. This was also beautiful. We enjoyed fruity cocktails and lunch next to the pool with ocean views. Paradise. After lunch, I explored the resort through the garden where they grow their own papaya, cassava, tomatoes, mint, and watermelon. The FeeJee experience really spoiled me by having a special on massages. I hit a true paradise having an hour massage by the beach. Our group gathered later to go into the village. Everything was closed so we found another resort for happy hour. We had dinner back at our resort. I had the traditional Fijian Fish, Kokoda. It’s fresh fish pieces marinated in lime juice and coconut served with cassava fries. It was very tasty and I loved how it was served in half of a coconut shell.

The resorts have been amazing with friendly staff, beautiful beaches, and great food. I’ve been staying in the dormitory which are large rooms with bunk beds. Both have been comfortable enough. This kind of resort backpacking is different from the other kinds because it doesn’t feel budgeted – Flashpacking.