Fiji Culture

I’ve continued my tour on FeeJee Experience.  Yesterday, December 5, was a long day of riding in the blue frog.  After finding John stumbling in from  the beach, we had our continental breakfast and packed up.  We drove through Fiji’s capital city, Suva, to see the president’s house, jail, and government buildings.  We continued on through the beautiful green land to a village called Nasautoka.  The village practices traditional Fijian customs and have their own set of values.  One of them is covering your legs with sarongs.  We were greeted off the bus with flower necklaces and brought into the gathering room for a Kava ceremony.  This one was very traditional and the people spoke in Fijian to pray and pass around the Kava.  After a cup of kava, we shook each villager’s hand.  They were the most genuinely friendly group of people I have every met.  Every one of them had a huge smile on their face, said thank you and nice to meet you.  They sat and sang songs inside the hut while we had a traditional lunch – a large spread of fish, chicken, taro, cassava dishes placed on the floor with only a napkin to wipe your fingers.  After trying the different dishes, which were really different, we set off for an activity.  We took the bus upstream a little to go rafting.  The rafts were long bamboo poles tied together that held 4 people afloat.  It was so relaxing to lay down, partly submerged in water, and be carried down the river.  The stream took us right to the backyard of the village – where we got off and dressed in our sarongs again to close the ceremonies.  We danced, drank another cup of kava, and shook hands with everyone to thank them and say goodbye.  This was a great way to understand the Fijian culture and an experience that I will take with me home.

After, we took a 2 hour ride to our next accommodation.  We’ve made it to the west side of the island to Volvoli Beach.  At the resort, we put our stuff in the dorm and went straight to the pool.  The water was warm and we hung out until my fingers were pruney and it was time for dinner.  Again we sat at a large table, ordered rounds of Fiji Gold beers and picked a delicious dish from the menu.
This morning, December 6, I woke early around 6:30 to watch the sunrise.  I didn’t see the actual sun but the colors in the sky and clouds were beautiful.  I layer on the hammock before falling back asleep.  We’re checking out after lunch today for some more activities.  I’m looking forward to a fun day before being dropped at the airport for my flight.