Bula (Hello) Fiji!


Pronounced, boolah. This term is heard everywhere here.  It literally means “life” and is most commonly used as a greeting meaning hello or welcome.  Used in this manner is a way to express wishes for one’s good health.  It is a cheery thing to hear when walking around and seeing locals.  They are happy to greet tourists this way and they often receive a bula in return.


I had a very relaxing day today, December 2nd, reading, swimming, meeting new people, carving a kava bowl, tanning, and walking on the beach – such a hard life.  I saw a few friends off today, some people that I have met here and Dylan and Kyle from the study abroad program.  Seeing them off, I realized that while I am still very far away from home I am even further because I am the only left one down under.

Tomorrow, I’m getting picked up from the hostel and going on an island tour with FeeJee Experience.  Its a four day tour of the main Viti Levu Island with activities and 3 nights of hotel stays.  I expect to have plenty of time to relax, snorkel, swim and hopefully dive, visit the villages, sand board, go in hot and mud pools, and trek in the jungle.  I’m excited and will keep you all posted on the adventures!