Travel Troubles

After checking out of xBase in Auckland, I took a Airbus from the city to the airport.  Shortly upon arriving to the airport I learned that my flight to Nadi was cancelled.  UGH.  I was informed that the plane never left Sydney because of mechanical errors that It would take until tomorrow to get redirected.  After waiting in line for an hour I was given a voucher for  transportation, accommodation, and meals at a nearby hotel.

I was able to make the best out of the situation pretty fast by making friends with the guy in front of me in the que line.  We had a connection of both being from the states and studying abroad for the term and going to Fiji to vacation.  We instantly made the best out of the best out of the situation because we kept each other company though the long cue lines at the airport, waiting for the shuttle, at lunch, and dinner.  We checked into the hotel, the Jet Park Hotel.  We walked got a ride to the nearby shopping area to poke around and get a bottle of wine.  We enjoyed fine dining with 2 courses of soup and a main chicken salad at the hotel’s restaurant with our waitress, Minnie.  Even better, we split a bottle of wine and did tam-tam slams at the hotel bar, yum.  Then enjoyed a personal shower and comfy bed – oh the luxuries I have learned to appreciate especially after hostel living.  The only thing that is going to be rough is the 5am wake up call for the airport shuttle tomorrow.

Mas Vino

Another day of exploring outside of the city center of Auckland. I took a ferry out further to Waiheke Island. This island is known for there fertile soil for growing grapes and olives and produces some fine wine and olive oil. I took an hour and a half bus tour of most of the island to outlooks of beautiful ocean scenery. After the tour, I was able to hop-on and off the local bus which I took the the vineyard area. I went to Wild on Waiheke to sample their wine, a Shiraz. After I went to the next door to Stoneyridge Vineyard. I sampled their red and whites – a merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. Both wineries were beautiful – they had nice indoor cafes and tasting areas with a full wine menu. I enjoyed sipping on the fine wines and photographing the beautiful area. All that was missing was a tour bus filled with rowdy college kids but I’ll get that back in Geneva.

New Zealand has been great – it was great studying the country and touring with the group as well as traveling on my own. But now after almost 3 weeks, I’m ready for my next destination – FIJI! I’m so excited! I’m flying out midday tomorrow and staying in Fiji in a hostel for a few nights and then I have booked a FeeJee experience trip that will take a tour around the island.