Study Abroad Term Schedule:

Depart U.S. Aug 25, 2012
Arrival in Brisbane, travel to Moreton Bay: Aug 27
Moreton Bay Ecology Field Trip: Aug 27-31
Travel to Brisbane, start homestays: Aug 31
Classes at UQ begin: Sept 3
Lamington National Park excursion: Sept 17-21
Long weekend: Sept 29-Oct 1
Heron Island excursion: Oct 3-8
Carnarvon Gorge excursion: Oct 22-26
Australia Farewell: Nov 1
Homestays End: Nov 2
Student break: Nov 2-10   (Independent Traveling)
Transit to Wellington NZ:  Nov 11
New Zealand portion of program: Nov 12-Nov 24
NZ program Ends in Auckland: Nov 24

Independent Traveling:
November 2: Sydney
November 7: Melbourne
December 2: Fiji


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